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About Us

Pretty & Plated uses food & florals to curate unforgettable culinary experiences through playful design and vibrant flavors. We don't just create imaginative meals to tantalize tastebudswe feed your other senses before the food ever leaves the plate. For us, it's not just about setting the table, it's about setting the mood.

You eat with your eyes first.


Meet the Chef

Chef Teresa draws on her wanderlust as inspiration for creating elegant yet bold dishes. She believes that eating should be a complete experience from the complexity or simplicity of flavors, to beautiful presentation and thoughtful ambiance. Trained at the International Culinary Center (formerly known as, The French Culinary Institute) in NYC as well as ALMA, The International School of Italian Cuisine in Parma, Italy—Chef Teresa enjoys pairing her classical training with a vast array of ingredients and techniques she's picked up while traveling around the world.  

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